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Will they ever give up?

Microsoft is purely pathetic. Well, it seems like I shouldn't go for a journalistic career.
Source-checking is often a good idea - this seems to be another stupid joke.

I'm not usually one of those Microsoft-in-general-haters, but this pushed me over the edge.

From now on, I'll just recommend everyone to switch over to Mac, because Microsoft is probably the most stupid company ever.

In this months edition of Wired magazine, this was written in an article about Firefox:

«Officially, Microsoft addresses Firefox with a sharp-toothed smile and open arms: "Any time someone creates a new piece of software for the Windows, it's great," says Gary Schare, director of product management for Windows.»

Nice, Microsoft. Really nice.


§   Hein Haraldson Berg

Hehe... Just f****ng great...

§   Simon Runestad Bognoe

Now I'm changing. Definitely. Mac it is. PowerBook. 12".

Screw Microsoft.

§   Audun S

Why not also recommend Linux? Mac is great, but so is the tux ;)

§   Henrik Lied

After what I've heard, this is just another idiotic joke created by a stupid MS-hater.

I won't delete this entry, but I made some updates.

That sounds nice!
I haven't quite descided yet, but I'll probably buy a PowerBook myself.

I have no personal experience with Linux, so I'm not qualified to recommend it.

§   Alexander Ludvig Holm

One good thing is that you caved and updated us with the truth :)

But I sure did bite on it as well when I first saw it.

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