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So, who are you?

My name is Henrik Lied (pronounced Leed). I'm a web-developer from way up north on this little planet. Norway, to be more exact.

Tell me, what is the point of this site?

This is sort of my weblog. Sort of. Some sections aren't quite finished yet, but I'm getting there. On this site you'll find blogentries about the web, web standards, design and some code once in a while.

How do you publish this weblog?

When I first published this site, I used this pre-made script called NewsPHP. After a while I discovered the magic of SQL, and the game was on. I now use a home-grown Content Management System for every little part of this page.

Can I get a hold of it somewhere?

Well, I don't have any plans of publishing it. I'm sorry.
If you want a great CMS published under GPL, go for WordPress or Textpattern.


HTML is not allowed in comments (except for the a-element) plain and simple because it requires some knowledge from the commentary. Since I serve my site with the correct MIME-type, application/xhtml+xml, the whole site will crash if I have invalid markup in my code.
I'm sorry.

Thanks to Anne, I've gotten a hold of a plugin which validates the comment. Read more in the related post.

Use a standard-compliant browser

I've tried to make this site work in the most modern browsers. It most definitely looks best in Firefox 1.0, followed by Opera. Internet Explorer is outdated, and doesn't present this site as good as an up-to-date-browser.
My advice to you: Check out WaSP's latest initiative, Browse Happy, and Spread Firefox. Improve your browsing-experience today!


I try to follow W3C's rules. As far as I know, every page on this site is valid XHTML.

The CSS is not valid, but this is intended. On some elements I use the conditional Mozilla-property -moz-border-radius. This will be used until browsers can interpret the CSS3 property border-radius.

misinterpreted.net is also WAI AAA and Section 508 conformant.

If you find an error somewhere, please let me know.